i'm just an ordinary 21 years old girl, a vegan loving her best friend, animals and nature. i'm addicted to TV series and can't live without music. welcome.
Taylor and Carter’s relationship makes me want to have a twin sister. they have such a beautiful relationship and even though we’ll see them fighting sometimes, i believe they will make it through. because they love each other.
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When you have been friends with someone for a long time, you start to pick up little things about them, little facial expressions, certain ways that they talk or move their hands. Sometimes it even gets to the point where you subconsciously start mimicking those little things. 

and that is when it hurts, when they are gone and you catch yourself doing something that has come so natural because you are so used to having them around. When you can hear their voice in in your head because you know exactly how they would say it. When you feel like you are telling a story with your body and the way you act but it is only one half of the story. 

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who has known Kat since Skins should reblog this post, so we can see, how many fans she got and how many fans are still here for her.
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2nd season of Finding Carter starts in january 2015? how is that possible for Kat when she’s gonna be home in december?

it’s not impossible for her though. and everything makes sense.

Kat should’ve gone to London in september and now she says she’s gonna be home in december - which means she’s staying and continues to film Finding Carter second season. 4 months of filming again - just like when she went to Atlanta in april and they were done with everything in august. 4 months are enough for filming, especially when the actors are as professional as they are.

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answer for charliescoloringbook:

the download link of Fear Of Water won’t be accessible for a long time, because it hasn’t even been released yet. Kate Lane (the director) said the FOW has been selected to screen at a festival in Florida and that we need to watch this space for confirmation of dates. which is great, it means, it’ll be soon. but like i said, i’m afraid that the festivals are the only spaces for releasing.

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i’m afraid that Fear Of Water will be released only at some festivals and lots of people won’t be able to see it. i’m sure i’m going to need a download link then. hope there’s going to be any. i’m so excited to see Lily Loveless in action again. miss her.

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someone once asked me if Kat can sing and i remembered the interview where she said she can’t sing at all. she thinks she’s horrible. but i think she could be really good singer, i’m referring her husky voice.
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i bet the worst thing about being abducted is the whole country knows your real weight.

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