i'm just an ordinary 21 years old girl, a vegan loving her best friend, animals and nature. i'm addicted to TV series and can't live without music. welcome.
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Anonymous asked: faking it and teen wolf :p

i don’t know Faking It so well, so i’m gonna choose just Teen Wolf.

5 favorite characters: Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Alison, Derek
3 OTPs: Stiles and Lydia / Scott and Alison / Stiles and Scott (bff)
Funniest character: Stiles (all the way)
Prettiest character: Lydia
Most badass character: Derek
Character I’d like as my BFF: Lydia
Character that’s ruined my life: Stiles and Scott’s bro relationship!
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Anonymous asked: SKINS
5 favorite characters: Emily, Naomi, Katie, Cook, Effy
3 OTPs: Naomi and Emily / Cook and Effy / Katie and Freddie
Funniest character: Naomi
Prettiest character: Emily
Most badass character: Cook
Character I’d like as my BFF: i’d say Emily, but i’d rather prefer her as my girlfriend so i’m gonna say Katie
Character that’s ruined my life: Emily (in a good way)
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leave a fandom in my ask box?

  • 5 favorite characters:
  • 3 OTPs:
  • Funniest character:
  • Prettiest character:
  • Most badass character:
  • Character I’d like as my BFF:
  • Character that’s ruined my life:

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I am proud to present to you, the Finding Carter Network, a network for fans of the MTV show to have a place to vent about new episodes! ♥

Must be following me
Reblog this post (likes can be used for bookmarking, but will not be counted as entries)
Fill out this quick and easy form
Must reach at least 25 notes or we’ll all just pretend this never happened
You have until September 18th, 2014 to reblog, and the members will be chosen shortly afterward
Friendly, respectful and active bloggers
Fans of Finding Carter obviously
Neat blogs with good urls and clean themes (having an organized tagging system is also hella great)
Fandom blogs would be preferred
A ton of new friends (I am planning on making this network as large as possible)
New followers!!!
A spot on the network page
A chance to participate in blog rates, promos, ask games, etc.
My eternal love and devotion
You must be willing to give me your email (so that I can add you to the blog)
You have to send me an icon and a short description for the network page
Be sure to have your askbox open please!! (I will be sending all the information to you in a message)

That’s it! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message right here. Be sure to track #findingcarternet for further updates, and good luck to everyone! xx
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i like girls. i like sex with girls. i like their rosy lips, their hard nipples, bums, soft thighs.. i like tits and fanny, you know? there, i’ve said it.

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Once you get pulled into the world of gay shipping, you will never escape.

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alright, keep your vagina on.

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do you also want to see your friend list or people you comunicate most with on twitter? go tweettunnel and log in.

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