i'm just an ordinary 21 years old girl, a vegan loving her best friend, animals and nature. i'm addicted to TV series and can't live without music. welcome.

i think that tumblr is trying to piss me off.

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bitch, i’m fabulous!
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Kathryn Prescott’s onion-face. the face that makes you cry.
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this is love, this.. this is that unbearable feeling that never goes away. why do people want to feel like this?

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confession by: veruneedy
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Kathryn Prescott will play Aziza in The Dovekeepers, a stunning teenage tomboy and expert archer who disguises herself in her brother’s armor to skillfully fight alongside the male warriors of Masada, even fooling Amram (Diego Boneta), her lover and fellow warrior.

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Kat Prescott’s “The Dovekeepers” began filming in Malta today. airing CBS 2015!

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i’m in love with Meg’s hair.
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