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i'm just an ordinary 21 years old girl, a vegan loving her best friend, animals and nature. i'm addicted to TV series and can't live without music. welcome.

i hope, the next time, we will see more Lori. Carter really needs to reunite with her, so bad. the last scene was so moving.

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can’t believe today’s episode is over. it was awesome! can’t wait for another. writers did great job.

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Anonymous asked: could you link me to episode 2 online? thanks


here you can watch Finding Carter episodes online.

— 1 hour ago

Popsugar Interview with Kathryn Prescott (x)

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how sweet, Kat and Emily are excited about tonight’s episode! are you?

how sweet, Kat and Emily are excited about tonight’s episode! are you?

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i had to take a selfie with Kat Prescott on my chest!

i had to take a selfie with Kat Prescott on my chest!

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Anonymous asked: You're not a loser! You've got one of my favourite blogs, and seem like a cool person!


it’s always nice to see a “nice” anon message. thank you so much!

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Anonymous asked: I annoy you? I'm doing a good job then! Any reason you filter out anything I write to you whenever I mention that Kathryn gets MOSTLY vegan products because she holds her eating to an ethical standard, and not for the reason that she's a vegan like you lead yourself and your followers to believe?


i don’t filter anything, i just don’t want to talk to someone like you, to someone who doesn’t even go off anon when is bitching about something.

this is actually the last time i talk to you because you’re like the most dumb person i’ve ever “known”..

my followers don’t need to see your stupid “asks” saying that Kat eats mostly vegan products. they know she eats mostly vegan products since she’s a VEGAN.. now.. applause for you!

i don’t get why you just can’t understand the fact she’s a vegan! she said it so many times so get your shit together FINALLY!

let’s pretend you have never heard her saying that she’s a vegan.. well, it still doesn’t change the fact that me and my followers had heard her saying that.. like fucking hundred times!

are you really that stupid or you’re just acting like this? that’s useless, you’re useless and i’m just having laugh.

give it up to you!

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