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i'm just an ordinary 20 years old girl, a vegan loving her best friend and animals. i'm addicted to TV series, adore demi lovato with selena gomez and can't live without music. welcome.

Anonymous asked: where are you from?


the Czech Republic :)

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Anonymous asked: You're english is sooo good for someone who doesn't live in English speaking country. You've got any specialization in it or something? Or do you do any courses? I love your blog by the way :)


that’s actually a good question. i don’t do any courses, but.. i got a certificate EFB ‘English For Business’ from London two years ago, so maybe you can call it a specialization, but i don’t know.. and the second thing is that i love watching movies and TV series in english so i learnt a lot from it as well :)

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you know i’m used to making your day, but that is the past now, we didn’t last now, i guess that this is meant to be. tell me, was it worth it? we were so perfect..

there’s nothing like us
there’s nothing like you and me together..

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when i watched it for the first time i could die of laughter, because well, the expression in her face, it was so fucking funny. the best scene ever.

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Anonymous asked: Do you watch Teen Wolf?


yep, i started a few days ago and i like it, i can’t say i love it, because i have watched better tv series already, but i really like it. it’s gripping and there’s a lot of humour too. 

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Anonymous asked: How old are you? And what is your favourite PC game?


i am 20 years old and my favourite pc games so far are definitelly GTA, Resident Evil (all of them), The sims 3 and sometimes i feel like skating so i play Tony Hawk’s pro skater, lol.. 

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